U          K          K          O          N          E          N

What they say:

“Masterfully deep house music” – Bleep

“an unconventional approach on everything ” – Pitchfork

“It’s not without good reason he’s been compared with Aphex Twin, Carl Craig or Isolee.” – Boomkat

“…highbrow, cerebral approach to dance recalls the glory days of Rephlex Records and the seminal Braindance Coincidence.” –  The Four Oh Five

“unique, exceptional…a bright, strange future of techno” - mnml ssgs

“glorious synths, glorious acidy twiddles and beats that mutate throughout…” - Norman Records

“a deeply idiosyncratic display of real, pure imagination” - Clashmusic.com

“A solution to the problem of dance music”  - Wire magazine

“a wide-eyed and exploratory vision of dance music history viewed through a lens of progressive, jazzy neo-Detroit utopia” – Cyclic Defrost

“lol who even is this guy”  - yourdadsbff


Out Now: Aika EP

Order via No Pain In Pop 

“Luomus” takes hold like a golden-era Carl Craig production, all haunting strings and rousing arpeggios with barely a beat in sight.” - Juno

“…intricate, morphing minimal techno patter … deceptively effortless “how’d he do that?” melodic calculations and alternating rhythmic meters that folk love so much about James Holden, AFX, Mount Kimbie.” - Boomkat

Listen to the full ep stream here:




The Ancient Tonalities Of… (album)

Cd and 12′ vinyl.

What the critics said about the album:

“…a faithful nod to that bygone era of cerebral dance music when the likes of AFX, Autechre, Carl Craig or Squarepusher were making music rich in complex harmony, soothing melody and intricate rhythms that managed to challenge convention whilst gratifying the masses.“- Boomkat

“Ukkonen retains a knack for delivering moments of disquieting beauty.” - Pitchfork

“Ukkonen has produced another masterpiece…This is Autechre with a human face.”                    AcidTed

“…closest in sound to Aphex Twin at his most cerebral…undeniably beautiful, making for an album of warm, sensuous, electronic bliss.” - Bleep.com

” A Very Good Record” - Clash

“…a bold step forward, slicing up his previously linear structures into something much more abstract. .. fractured rhythms in an Autechre mode going up against the jazzier moods …”     - Juno

Label: No Pain In Pop


The Formula – (single track)

Compilation CD

Label: Rednetic


Five To Three - (single track)

Vinyl Compilation

Label: No Pain In Pop



The Isolated Rhythms Of…  (album)

Label: Uncharted Audio 

2 x 12″ vinyl pressed from lacquers cut at Abbey Road in London and packaged in a unique hand-painted sleeve in a one-off edition of 300 copies 


Spatia (ep)

12″ vinyl – hand-stamped white label strictly limited to 300 copies.

Label: Uncharted Audio 



Erriapo (ep)

12″vinyl – hand-stamped white label strictly limited to 250 copies

Label: Uncharted Audio 



Curiosities of the Sky (ep)

Mini 3″ cd

May 2010

Label: Rednetic



Into 2014 Original Mix:

Detroit: Alternate Reality Mix


Disambedience Mix


Download: Disambedience Mix mp3


Kenkey Special Mix

Download: Kenkey Special mp3


Ssgs Special Mix

Download: Ssgs Special Mp3



Halls – “Roses for the Dead”:



patten – “Blush Mosaic”:

Unreleased Tracks:



Download: Discovered mp3

Black Waves on a Charcoal Shore


Download: Black Waves mp3


Untitled From June 2011


Download: June 2011 mp3






email: ukkonen1000@gmail.com

(I cannot play live at the moment, so if your email is about booking live shows – sorry, no go on that just now.)


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